Salesforce GraphQL

Salesforce Shots: GraphQL

As of Winter 23, the Salesforce GraphQL API is available. Provide a new way to create mobile and web applications using GraphQL with the Salesforce Platform. With the help of this new Salesforce GraphQL API, Salesforce Developers can have more features to use like Field Selection, Resource aggregation, Schema introspection, and sObject query ability. GraphQL is a query language for API, It provides a schema of the data in the API and gives clients the power to ask for exactly what they...

Salesforce Shots: Salesforce CPQ

The purpose of salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is to simplify complex pricing and expedite the quote-to-cash process. Salesforce CPQ software ensures that sales reps are able to configure products with accuracy and apply the right pricing & the right quantity discounts while the corresponding approvals have already been programmed into the system. CPQ helps to close the deal faster. CPQ stands for Configure: Setup Services, Products, and Bundles. Show all related...

Salesforce Shots: Access Salesforce Data Outside Salesforce using API

Whenever we need to access salesforce data outside of salesforce, firstly we need to create a connected app inside our Salesforce org, it will give the credentials like client Id, and client secret which we will use to generate access token as parameters. In our scenario, we are using Postman where we can access the data which is inside the salesforce org as well as we can create, edit, delete, etc records inside the salesforce org without login into our org. To achieve this functionality,...